Every Employee or an Employer always creates an opportunity to promote self or a product.

How do they promote?

There are various methods and I am glad to share few but very important methods which support them to promote the products or edify them self.

You can see the Types of Promotions below :

1. Advertising

2. Sales Promotion

3. Personal Selling

4. Publicity.

To create awareness about the product, or to bring the best image to the product, need a very strong, meaningful, understandable communication in a simple and easy language called Promotion.

The same method to be implemented by an employee to advertise him or edify him to potential people.

Every employee has to consider him or herself as a product. Even the age-old first interview question “Tell me about yourself “is nothing but sell yourself to the organization and why should they hire you.

FAB – Feature, Advantage and Benefit of the product are mandatory in every single promotion. In other words, it must be a self-explanatory mode

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